Digital Marketing

At Coherent Studios we believe that every trade and craft begins with a process, our team utilizes a strategic process, an intelligently guided process that starts with experience, brand, product knowledge, and passion. We don’t simply “put something together”; we strategize best industry practices, develop a formulated plan, and implement according to tried and true methods.  We monitor every detail and commit to providing superior input and output that surpasses the competition.  We specialize in Digital Strategy, Development and Digital Branding across all platforms. How can we help your Brand stand up against the competition? 

PPC Management

We know that a strong pay per click marketing plan is essential for your business to remain relevant and competitive. We analyze your paid performance past and present, assess and access low hanging fruit and opportunities to address future strategies for improvement. We pay special attention to each and every detail when managing your PPC advertising campaign and Pay Per Click marketing account. The strategy will include keyword list development, ad creation, optimized campaign structure, and landing page creation or optimization.


We drive targeted traffic to boost exposure and increase revenue for your brand or product.  Coherent Studios specializes in performing technical on-page optimization and building authoritative links.  Our work provides real measurable results in the first few months of working together.  Increasing your ROI and page rankings is our top priority.  

Social Media Setup & Management

Social Media is where the conversations are happening and your brand needs to be a part of those conversations.  The Social Media Management team at Coherent Studios will help you develop your editorial calendar, social media following, campaign development, and identify your brand voice. The world of social media can be wildly beneficial to a company when used correctly. We can help with Social Media optimization, viral campaigns, and advertising campaigns – engaging your audience where they spend most of their time online: social media. 

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• Consulting

• Copywriting

• Reputation Management

• Influencer Marketing

• Social Advertising