Direct Marketing

It's an ever growing digital world that is robust with brand identity, brand loyalty and brand awareness at every turn. A brand and company must not forget the tried and true methods that exist in the print market. Printed impressions are still widely used, seldom forgotten and most certainly a must in marketing your brand and company. At Coherent Studios, we believe that a great brand identifies itself not just on one platform but in a strategy of mass market awareness, utilizing all known technologies, strategies and leverage points. Let us identify the right marketing strategy for your brand or company. Utilizing the latest in Direct Marketing, Print Technologies and Digital/Social Media.

Database Acquisition Lists

Who you are mailing to is just as important as what you are mailing. Coherent Studios can provide databases tailored to the specific demographic needs and profile of your company or organization. Send your mailing to people that will hear and see your brand message and Call to Action.

Data Processing

Our postal processing software will ensure you pay the lowest postage rate with the highest level of deliverability, utilizing the National Change of Address (NCOA), Link and the address matching power of CASS.

Data Cleansing - Merge/Purge

Coherent Studios can take your multiple contact databases, merge all of the content into one file, delete any duplicates (either by name or by address) if required, and clean the data to eliminate undeliverable or undesirable entries on your mailing list.

Mailing Preparation

Folding, Inserting, Tabbing, Addressing, Sorting - Concentrate on revenue generating or cost saving activities within your organization. Let Coherent Studios handle all the details of the ever-changing postal regulations.